Handmade God of War Kratos Axe, Leviathan Axe

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  • DOMINATING CARBON STEEL BLADE: The God of War Kratos Axe boasts a Carbon Steel Etched Blade with Viking Etching. The blade of leviathan axe replica isn’t just visually striking – it delivers devastating blows with its razor-sharp edge. The surprise? A secondary sharp blade on the back head of kratos leviathan axe god of war, ensuring versatility in any battle scenario.


  • ERGONOMIC CONTROL: The God of War Axe’s Ergonomic Wood Handle isn’t just comfortable – it enhances your control. Designed to fit your hand perfectly, it ensures firm grip during intense combat. The Synthetic Leather Wrapping on the Handle of god of war axe real adds both traction and style, guaranteeing a steady hold even in the slippery conditions.


  • DUAL PROTECTION WITH LEATHER SHEATHS: Carry your fantasy axe weapon with confidence using the included Leather Sheaths. One for the main blade and another for the small back head – these sheaths provide protection for both you and your surroundings. Safely and stylishly transport your weapon wherever you go.


  • GIFT OF EPIC ADVENTURE: The god of war battle axe real isn’t just a weapon; it’s an embodiment of legendary quests and heroic tales. Gift it to a mythology, fantasy, or gaming enthusiast and ignite their warrior spirit. The Kratos Axe can also be used as viking props, real viking axe weapons, larp weapons, prop weapons, with kratos costume or god of war costume, as axe weapon real, for kratos cosplay, or as viking axe real weapon and for battle axe larp.


  • DIMENSIONS OF LEVIATHAN AXE: Overall Length of Kratos Axe Metal; 36 Inches, Head Length; 14 Inches, Main Blade Cutting Edge; 11 Inches, and Back Blade Cutting Edge; 4 Inches

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