Handmade Double Edged Roman Gladius Sword, Greek Xiphos Sword

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  • A TRUE MASTERPIECE: this roman gladius sword is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and design, featuring a unique double-edged blade made from finest quality stainless steel, capturing the essence of swords real weapons artistry.


  • TOUGH BLADE: beyond its captivating appearance, this greek warrior’s sword boasts exceptional durability and resilience. its construction and robust blade ensure that it surpasses mere aesthetic appeal, making this knight sword ideal battle sword, display sword, cosplay sword and can also be used for training sword purposes, destined to withstand the test of time in your prized collection.


  • A UNIQUE COMBINATION: The combination of Rosewood with brass in this tactical sword handle not only gives it a comfortable grip even in wet and slippery conditions but also adds a touch of individuality to this already unique sword.


  • PREMIUM LEATHER COVER: Safeguard your prized possession with the premium-quality sword sheath accompanying this remarkable Sharp Sword. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, including double stitching, it ensures that your sword real Blade remains securely in place, protected and becomes your next one of the outdoor camping adventure time swords.


  • HOW IT CAME INTO REALITY: Witness the fusion of time-honored blacksmith techniques with modern innovation, giving birth to a captivating piece of functional art. Our craftsmen seamlessly blend organic forms with hand-wrought metal elements, resulting in a truly distinctive metal sword that transcends technological boundaries.


  • ️Dimensions Of this Viking swords real weapons: overall length = 24 Inches, Blade length of this real sword = 18 Inches, Handle length of this one handed sword = 6 Inches.


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